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Serious illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with a number of specified serious illnesses. There are over 40 such illnesses covered on a typical policy. The chances of a healthy male aged 20-40 suffering a Heart Attack or Stroke before the age of 65 are 1 in 4, and the chances of a healthy female aged 20-40 suffering from Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke before the age of 65 is 1 in 5. Given these figures, it is worth your while providing financial security against this contingency.

With a serious illness, it can be difficult to assess the potential impact on your finances and family life.

How long will you be off work? Will there be any major medical expenses not covered by your medical insurance?

Will you need to travel for specialised treatment? Will there be a permanent impact on your earnings?

Aylward Financial Services will help you choose the most appropriate level of cover for you. Typically this will be loans outstanding, plus a multiple of annual net earnings.

Serious illness cover can be arranged in conjunction with life insurance. It can be done on an "independent" basis, whereby the serious illness is paid and doesn't affect the life insurance. Or it can be done on an "accelerated" basis, which means the serious illness cover payout will reduce the life insurance by this amount. 

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